1. UDP is a connection oriented protocol
2. What is the use of HTTP GET method ?
3. Which of the following interfaces can not be used as a capture interface in Wireshark ?
4. Wireshark can decrypt SSL traffic without any decryption key.
5. Wireshark can decode NetFlow Packets
6. What is the purpose of Network Analysis ?
7. Choose a troubleshooting task performed by a Network Analyst ?

Which interface is showing traffic as per below image of Wireshark software ?


9. Which link should be tapped to access and monitor a network ?
10. What is the purpose of installing a tap in the network ?
11. Automatic packet capture to one or more files feature is available in Wireshark

Choose a correct filter expression to filter packets with source port 21 for below image


13. Identify the capture filter for ipv4 address
14. Mark the capture filter for HTTP traffic
15. What should be the correct capture filter for ‘non HTTPS & non POP3 traffic’ to/from www.google.com ?
16. There is a filter expression for displaying packets having IP address with TCP Port 80, find the masked/hidden operator for applied filter expression in below image:-



17. What is the use of ARP protocol in the network ?
18. Which function in Wireshark provides the summary of IPv4 and IPv6 packets ?
19. Which of the following attributes does not belong to TCP ?
20. What is the purpose of using Display Filters in Wireshark ?
21. What is the significance of || operator in a display filter expression in Wireshark ?
22. The speed for TCP is faster than UDP
23. Where can you find this information in Wireshark which is shown in below image  ?

24. Identify an Application layer protocol in the below image

25. What is the role of RTP protocol ?

Identify a private IP in this image






27. Which UDP Port in below image belongs to user traffic of a VoIP session ?

28. Choose a display filter expression for the packets displayed in the below image

29. Identify the protocol in the below image which allows Internet users and network devices discover websites using human-readable hostnames, instead of numeric IP addresses.

30. What is the transport layer protocol and port used by Telnet ?
31. Where can you find ‘Expert Information’ function in Wireshark ?
32. If the Client initiates the Data connection, the FTP connection is
33. Layer 4 port for RTP is fixed
34. What is the type of IP addresses in the below image ?


35. Session Description Protocol belongs to which layer ?
36. Ethertype 0x86dd belongs to which type of packets ?
37. What is the destination MAC address in below image :-


38. What signaling protocol is used by Skype ?
39. What is the purpose of DHCP Protocol ?
40. What is the HTTP error code for ‘forbidden’ ?
41. What is the usual TCP header size ?
42. Where we can find URI for a VoIP call ?
43. HTTPS is a layer ------ Protocol ?
44. Where can we do protocol specific settings in Wireshark ?
45. What is the purpose of IP ?
46. Where can we find the details of malformed packets in Wireshark?
47. Where can we find the details of Dropped Packets in Wireshark ?
48. What Time Display Formats are available in Wireshark ?
49. HTTPS is supported over UDP
50. What size of address space is supported by IPv6 ?