CCNP SCOR Module 1

1. This is a program or executable file that runs on a workstation or server. When installed on a device, it can provide a wealth of functionality as well as sample scripts or code.
2. In this S2S VPN mode, the original IP header is preserved and no additional IP headers are added; thus, routing is done using the true destination and/or source IP addresses.
3. An attacker could try to compromise the cloud by positioning a malicious virtual machine near a target cloud server and then launching a side-channel attack.
What type of attack does this refer to?
4. It is possible to prove that a given communication took place.
____________ in the VPN context means authentication and accounting.
To ensure the identity of a device or user, authentication verifies it
5. Which of these S2S VPN Implementations have low authentication scalability?
6. In the CIA Triad, it ensures that sensitive information can only be changed by authorized individuals.
7. It refers to the generation, exchange, storage, safeguarding, use, vetting, and replacement of keys.
8. Which of the following are the common ways to take advantage of authentication-based vulnerabilities in an affected system? (Choose 2)
9. Which of this S2S VPN Implementations has high configuration scalability?
10. Site-to-Site VPNs uses a client software to establish a VPN connection between two sites. (True or False)
11. A ______ is a type of web-based command injection attack that involves injecting malicious scripts into otherwise safe and trusted websites
12. ____________ occurs when an application trusts a user and sends unauthorized commands to it.It also takes advantage of an application's trust in a user's browser.
13. Any potential danger to assets is called a ___________ ?
14. SDN uses _____________ to communicate with applications and services running on the network
15. Which security protocol can be used for Clientless Remote access VPN?
16. This kind of key algorithm uses a single key for both encryption and decryption.
Which of the options below corresponds to this?
17. Which Cisco device supports clientless SSL VPN?
18. It employs a two-key system, with one key used for encryption and the other for decryption.
This algorithm is also significantly slower.
19. It can be used by an attacker to modify, delete, or append data in cloud-based applications and systems.
20. The following items are different types of phishing except for one.
Which one is it?
21. It refers to the most sophisticated tool available to an attacker.
Its goal is to completely conceal the attacker's activities on the local system.
22. This type of VPN topology allows for on-demand full-mesh connectivity with simple hub-and-spoke configuration and "zero-touch" deployment for adding remote sites.
23. In this S2S VPN mode, it mixes both the well-known modes by adding a new outer IP header, but the new outer IP header is a copy of the original IP header.
So it's like tunnel mode, but with identical inner and outer headers.
24. Which of these S2S VPN Implementations can be implemented using Cisco ASA Firewalls and Firepower Next-Gen Firewalls?
25. In Remote Access VPNs, it defines authentication parameters and protocol-specific parameters (the pre-login requirements).
26. In PKI, this protocol addresses the main weaknesses of CRLs like stale information.
27. In the Attack Continuum, which of these devices are being used on the "BEFORE" Phase?
28. In the Attack Continuum, which of these devices are being used on the "During" Phase?
29. In the Attack Continuum, which of these devices are being used on the "AFTER" Phase?
30. _____________ send data to the network's switches and routers.
As a result, the controller makes use of these APIs to make dynamic adjustments in response to real-time requirements, as well as receive information on the state of the devices.
31. It refers to a collection of software that replaces or extends the control operations that were formerly part of the embedded operating system in a network device.
32. A ___________ is typically used in conjunction with hypervisors to connect virtual computers on the same network or across networks.
33. Which of the options below are common VPN deployment models?
34. In on-box automation - It is an embedded automation system that provides real-time event detection and scripting on several Cisco platforms
35. In this S2S VPN mode, the original IP header (inner header) is preserved, and a new outer IP outer header is used to identify the tunnel endpoints; thus, routing is done based on the new outer header, which is the IPsec tunnel's destination and source.
36. It makes use of the capabilities of Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2) to combine various VPN types and topologies under a single configuration language.
37. Which part of an enterprise network can Cisco AMP be used?
38. Which of these S2S VPN Implementations uses Point-to-Point links instead of Hub and Spoke, Full Mesh or Partial Mesh topologies?
39. It refers one of the largest commercial threat intelligence teams in the world, comprised of world-class researchers, analysts, and engineers. Industry-leading visibility, actionable intelligence, and vulnerability research drive rapid detection and protection for Cisco customers against known and emerging threats and stop threats in the wild to protect the Internet at large.
40. It is an enterprise intent-based networking solution based on Cisco DNA concepts.
Without rewiring the network, it allows automated end-to-end segmentation to separate user, device, and application traffic in an Enterprise Campus Network.
41. It is a cloud-delivered architecture that allows you to securely connect any user and any application via WAN using a single administration panel.
42. This type of network evolves control plane protocols independently of hardware while maintaining a centralized control point that can manage many data-plane elements.
43. It is being used by the AMP cloud where malware from an infected device can be detected.
44. It refers to a cultural trend that aims to develop and promote ways that increase the speed and agility of system and infrastructure deployment, maintenance, and improvement. It's critical to recognize that this cultural shift is forcing network engineers to use better configuration and automation technologies
45. It is a software-defined networking (SDN) project aimed at providing network-as-a-service in multi-tenant virtual computing environments.

46. It separates the control and forwarding planes, allowing you to design, create, and manage networks.
47. This type of network allows you to pick and select which programs and functionalities should be moved from the network device to the controller.

48. It is a community-driven methodology for developing and maintaining software that increases flexibility and customizability while minimizing the required capital investment
49. This product is a cloud-based sandboxing solution that thoroughly examines infected file samples from machines.
50. Which of these options represent the advantage of VPNs?


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