CCNA DEVASC – Final Exam 2

1. The MVC Architecture is composed of 3 parts. What are those?
2. In an MVC architecture, the VIEW component cannot talk directly to the MODEL component.
3. The Observer defines a _____________ relationship so that when one object changes state, the others are notified and updated automatically.
4. It refers to a system that handles and tracks changes made to files, set of files and directories
5. In Central version control system, local revision  copies can be kept manually. (True / False)
6. The ______________ control systems rely upon a peer-to-peer approach as opposed to a client to server model.
7. Git is considered as a centralized version control system.  (True / False)
8. In Git Architecture, it is where all the changes you actually want to make are placed.
9. In the Working Directory, Git will track the differences between your working directory and your local repository, and between your local repository and the remote repository. (True/False)
10. In git, this is the command used to create a new local repository
11. The design of this API needs the designers to be strict to achieve a consistent API as you do not really have constraints.
12. Which API style does this syntax represent?

GET (or POST) /deleteItem?itemId=456
13. Which API style does this syntax represent?

DELETE /users/1234
14. These calls do not block (or wait) for the API call to return from the server.

Execution continues on your program, and when the call returns from the server, a "callback" function is executed
15. These calls do not block (or wait) for the API call to return from the server. Execution continues on in your program, and when the call returns from the server, a "callback" function is executed
16. Typically, the very first character in a JSON file is a  ___________  that defines a new object structure
17. Which of these options are popular library names used by XML?  (Choose the answers that apply).
18. In JSON, we use this method to derialize the data back to JSON file.
19. in XML, you could use the  ___________ library to convert an XML document to a python dictionary .
20. On this iteration step of TDD,  you 're going to write code and run tests, maybe a lot of times, until all the tests have passed.
21. Which of the following allows bad actors to gain
access to and control endpoint resources over an
extended period to steal valuable data without being
22. Which of the following describes Threat Grid?
23. Which of the following are used to indicate that a
system has been affected by some form of malware?
24. Which REST API architectural constraint allows
you to download code and execute it?
25. What framework does NETCONF use to exchange
messages between the client and the server?
26. Which data type is not a YANG base data type?
27. Which of the following is a popular Python library
used to interact with NETCONF servers?
28. Which of the following are used for data
encapsulation in RESTCONF messages? (Choose two.)
29. What RESTCONF resource allows for automatic
discovery of the API root?
30. What types of subscriptions are supported by
model-driven telemetry? (Choose two.)
31. ______________  is a distributed network architecture that moves your compute, storage, communication, control, and decision making closer to the network edge or where the data is being produced to mitigate the limitations in the current infrastructure.
32. It refers to a DevOps principle where the DevOps process needs to be treated as a whole process, rather than just a couple of smaller tasks.
33. It is an open source automation server with many plug-ins for the CI/CD pipeline.

It is written in a programming language called Apache Groovy
34. Which tools are being used in Continuous Development in DevOps? (Choose 2)
35. Which tool is used in Continuous Integration in Devops?
36. Which tools are used in Continuous Monitoring in Devops? (Choose all that apply)
37. Which of these options  are types of SQL Injection attacks?
38. ________  attack occurs when an attacker forces a victim to issue undesirable actions on the victim-authenticated web application. The attack is not executed to collect any data but to target state-changing requests (such as money transfer), because the attacker cannot see the return of the forged request
39. _______________  vulnerabilities allow the attacker to send a forged request from a web server on the behalf of the attacker. In this type of attack, the targets usually are internal systems behind some firewalls.
40. _______________  attacks occur when the injected malicious code is reflected with any response from the web server that consists of the input sent to the web server. The attack is distributed to the victim in a different way, usually in an email message. Once the victim clicks the link, the malicious code navigates to the web page. This action reflects the attack back to the victim web browser, which then executes the malicious script, because the script came from an already trusted web server.
41. It allows you to identify the state or outcome, produce instructions to accomplish the desired state, and then reuse, repeat, and evolve to meet new needs as your environment grows.
42. These are tools used in infrastructure provisioning . (Choose all that apply)
43. Which of these options are the benefits of Infrastructure as a code?  (Choose all that apply)
44. These are types of continuous integration tools. (Choose 2)
45. It refers to common version control systems used in IaC. (Choose 2)
46. Which three options best describe IaC?
47. It  is a web-based service helping developers centrally manage, store, collaborate on, and control versions of code. You have the options of performing all management functions via the web interface or downloading and installing a client on your computer.
48. It uses a model-based approach to your infrastructure by describing how the components and systems are related to one another. It is agentless and uses playbooks to define the declared changes and final state.
49. It  is an enterprise- and service provider-level software automation platform that operates across physical and virtual devices. Operations can be accomplished through automation, a self-service portal, and manual provisioning
50. It is a phase in the software development process that helps identify bugs and poor code practices, as well as improve design and overall readability of the code.


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