CCNA DEVASC – Final Exam 1

1. What does the acronym "API" mean?
2. YAML is an example of a markup language. JSON and XML are markup languages too. (True/False)
3. Typically, the very first character in a JSON file is a  ___________  that defines a new object structure
4. It refers to the conversion of data objects in complex data structure into byte streams for storage , transfer and for distribution purposes.
5. What are the two popular library names used by YAML? (Choose 2)
6. Which of these options are popular library names used by XML?  (Choose the answers that apply).
7. In JSON, we use this method to derialize the data back to JSON file.
8. in XML, you could use the  ___________ library to convert an XML document to a python dictionary .
9. In a Test Driven Development, choose the answer that describe the correct step by step iteration.
10. On this iteration step of TDD,  you 're going to write code and run tests, maybe a lot of times, until all the tests have passed.
11. It is a set of rules that allows programs to converse with each other.
The developer creates this on the server and allows the client to talk to the server.
12. What type of documentation should you review when sending a request to an API?
13. So let's say you are trying to send a GET request to an API, however when you send the request you get an HTTP response code of 404.

The request method seems correct. What does this mean and whats wrong with your request?
14. Can you spot what is wrong with this API request using python?

*API Documentation:

Request Method: GET
Server: localhost:5000
Resource: /api/v1.0/device

*Python Request syntax

response = requests.request("GET"http://localhost:5000/api/v1.0/device")
15. Referring to the illustration below, when you send a POST request to an API, what does the "JSON" field setting mean?

16. When sending a API Request using python, you noticed that you are receiving an error after sending this syntax below.

response = requests.request("POST", "http://localhost:5000/api/v1.0/add", headers=headers, data = json_data_1)You reviewed the API documentation and it seems the request method and resources are correct.

So assuming that this syntax is correct , what are the other potential issues in the python script? (Choose 2)
17. Which syntax in python code returns the HTTP response codes after sending the API request?
18. What does this JSON data do when you send it via PUT request method?

19. This refers to tools that allow you to react to events and changes in an application.

What is this?
20. Webhooks are analogous to the "push effect" . (True or False)?
21. What are some of the features of a good SDK? (Choose three.)
22. What is the name of the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API authentication header?
23. What is the base URL for the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API?
24. What type of authentication do the Cisco DNA Center platform APIs use?
25. What is the output of the multivendor SDK for Cisco DNA Center platform?
26. When initially authenticating to the Cisco SD-WAN REST API, how are the username and password encoded?
27. True or false: An ACI bridge domain can be associated with multiple VRF instances.
28. In Cisco UCS Manager, what is the logical construct that contains the complete configuration of a physical server?
29. What is the managed object browser called in Cisco UCS Manager?
30. What is the name of the header that contains the Cisco UCS Director REST API access key?
31. 1. Which characteristic matches an SaaS deployment
32. In which of the following ways are containers
different from virtual machines? (Choose two.)
33. What is the second way of DevOps?
34. What is continuous integration?
35. What command do you use to launch an nginx
container on port 80 of the host file system?
36. Which of the following are threats? (Choose two.)
37. What type of test is used to identify the possible
weak spots in applications, servers, or networks?
38. What is the minimum number of identity
components MFA uses to authenticate a user’s
39. Data needs to be secured in multiple locations.
Which of the following are the correct locations?
40. Which modes best describe IDSs and IPSs,
41. What protocols were historically used to manage
network devices? (Choose two.)
42. Which of the following are issues with deploying
infrastructure that are being addressed with
infrastructure as code? (Choose two.)
43. What command is used to run Ansible playbooks?
44. What language are Puppet manifests written in?
45. What Cisco NSO component manages the YANG

data models that get sent to a device?
46. What are the two main components of pyATS?
47. Model-driven APIs support the choice of ____________ , including XML and JSON.
48. These are examples of Protocols used to communicate to the API. (Choose 3)
49. XML and JSON were chosen for data transmission because they have these features. (Choose 2)
50. ________________  are a possible solution to the challenges of managing networks in a device-by-device manner.


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