CCNA DEVASC M3 – Cisco Platforms and Development

1. What are some of the features of a good SDK? (Choose three.)
2. What are the advantages of using an SDK? (Choose two.)
3. What APIs does the Cisco Meraki platform provide to developers? (Choose two.)
4. What is the name of the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API authentication header?
5. What is the base URL for the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API?
6. What type of authentication do the Cisco DNA Center platform APIs use?
7. When specifying the timestamp parameter with the Cisco DNA Center APIs, what format should the time be in?
8. What is the output of the multivendor SDK for Cisco DNA Center platform?
9. Which component of the Cisco SD-WAN fabric exposes a public REST API interface?
10. When initially authenticating to the Cisco SD-WAN REST API, how are the username and password encoded?
11. On what family of switches does Cisco ACI run?
12. True or false: An ACI bridge domain can be associated with multiple VRF instances.
13. What Cisco ACI REST API endpoint is used for authentication?
14. In Cisco UCS Manager, what is the logical construct that contains the complete configuration of a physical server?
15. What is the Cisco UCS Manager Python SDK library called?
16. What is the managed object browser called in Cisco UCS Manager?
17. What is a Cisco UCS Director workflow?
18. What is the name of the header that contains the Cisco UCS Director REST API access key?
19. How are the managed objects organized in Cisco Intersight?
20. What does the Cisco Intersight REST API key contain?
21. Which of the following are part of the Cisco collaboration portfolio? (Choose three.)
22. How does Webex Teams allow you to access APIs? (Choose three.)
23. Guest users of Webex Teams authenticate with guest tokens, which use _____.
24. Which of the following use webhooks in Webex Teams?
25. True or false: The Finesse desktop application is completely built using APIs.
26. Finesse implements the XMPP specification. The purpose of this specification is to allow the XMPP
server (for Notification Service) to get information published to XMPP topics and then to send XMPP
events to entities subscribed to the topic. The Finesse Notification Service then sends XMPP over
_______ messages to agents that are subscribed to certain XMPP nodes.
27. Which of the following enables hosts/users to update the information for a scheduled meeting that they are able to edit?
28. Which of the following is the application programming interface (API) for collaboration endpoint software?
29. xAPI on a device can be accessed via which of the following protocol methods? (Choose all that apply.)
30. Which of the following provides a mechanism for inserting, retrieving, updating, and removing data from Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
31. 1. The Umbrella ________ API provides enrichment
of security events with intelligence to SIEM or other
security visibility tool.
32. 2. The Umbrella Enforcement API involves an HTTP
______ request, which internally comprises an
_____ API to check whether the domain is safe.
33. In the Firepower Management Center API, the
token is generated and returned via ________.
1. the HTTP header X-auth-access-token
34. A _______ object is a reusable configuration that
associates a name with a value.
35. Which of the following allows bad actors to gain
access to and control endpoint resources over an
extended period to steal valuable data without being
36. Which of the following enables devices and users to
be identified and provisioned and enables policies to
be applied?
37. Which of the following describes Threat Grid?
38. Which of the following are used to indicate that a
system has been affected by some form of malware?
39. To add HTTP headers to a Python request, you can
simply pass them in as which of the following?
40. Which REST API architectural constraint allows
you to download code and execute it?
41. What network protocols support model-driven
programmability? (Choose three.)
42. What is the default port on which the NETCONF
protocol runs?
43. What framework does NETCONF use to exchange
messages between the client and the server?
44. Which data type is not a YANG base data type?
45. Which component of a YANG module header
uniquely identifies a module?
46. Which of the following is a popular Python library
used to interact with NETCONF servers?
47. Which of the following are used for data
encapsulation in RESTCONF messages? (Choose two.)
48. What NETCONF operation is the equivalent of the
49. What RESTCONF resource allows for automatic
discovery of the API root?
50. What types of subscriptions are supported by
model-driven telemetry? (Choose two.)


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