Microsoft MTA Windows OS Essentials Exam 2

1. Using which of the following components of Windows, you can view and modify software and hardware settings?
2. Which of the following Microsoft Windows MMC snap-in contains below items?

3. Which of the following features allows an administrator to find obtain, manage and distribute applications to Windows 10 devices?
4. Which of the following modes of operation has access to the hardware?
5. Which of the following Control Panel categories provides tools for network troubleshooting and configuration?
6. Which component of Windows displays the below categories?

7. Which of the following allows you to manage the system configuration and important functionality settings?
8. The Performance Monitor tool allows you to view performance information in which of the following views?
9. Which tool is used to filter and control the communications coming into or going out of a Windows PC?
10. Which of the following Windows tool provides features for the visually and the hearing impaired?
11. Which of the following actions can be performed using Power Options applet?
12. A shortcut to Control Panel item can be created by dragging the item to the desktop and releasing it
13. Which of the following is a primary interface used to launch applications and configuration utilities?
14. Which of the following displays system information, such as the date, time and network connectivity, as well as notifications related to Windows Updates?
15. When the Taskbar is locked, It can be moved to the top, left, right, or bottom of the screen
16. You want to add a new shortcut, linked to a newly installed application, to all the user profiles. Which of the following profile types you would make a change to?
17. Which of the following commands provides the below output?

18. Which of the following PowerShell commands are useful tools to gather OS information?
19. In which of the following aspects Windows 10 Professional is different from Home edition?
20. Which is the most commonly used Windows installation type used in smaller organizations?
21. Which of the following are programs that are installed and run on the local machine?
22. Which UAC prompt asks for a username and password of an administrative user?
23. Which security feature of Windows is represented by below dialog box?


24. Which of the following statements are true about Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT)?
25. Windows Defender is a preinstalled application on Windows 10 PC and it can be disabled if a different anti-spyware is installed
26. Which of the following is used by NTFS filesystem to store information about the data on the storage device?
27. Which of the following encryption systems is used to encrypt individual file and folder on NTFS volumes?
28. Which of the following volumes can be encrypted using BitLocker?
29. When a networked location is added to a library and made available offline, it gets automatically indexed
30. Which of the file systems are used to access CDs and DVDs under Windows 10?
31. Which of the following is a collection of peer-to-peer devices that share resources with each other?

32. Which of the following statements are true about workgroup?
33. Which of the following provides centralized configuration options for the PCs through the use of Group Policy?
34. Put the steps to join the computer to the domain in correct order
  • Select the Domain option, enter the name for the domain you wish to join, and click OK
  • Click Start, right-click This PC, and select Properties
  • In the System Properties dialog, click the Change button under the Computer Name tab
  • Click Change Settings under the Computer Name, Domain, and Workgroup Settings
35. Which of the following provides communication from the device to the CPU?
36. Which technology allows for automatic configuration of hardware resources?
37. Which of the following stores the print jobs until they can be printed?
38. A failed driver would cause a log entry to be added to which of the following log?
39. Which of the following backup methods are available for Windows 10?
40. Which of the following is used natively by Windows to secure PC against spyware?
41. If the system crashes at a certain point due to some malware or device drivers obstructing the operations of Windows, how do you recover your system from this problem?
42. System restore points are automatically created based on which of the following?
43. Backup and Restore supports several backup destinations, including DropBox
44. When you enable Windows Update, you will receive updates for Microsoft Office as well
45. Which of the following tools provide the below graphical interface?

46. As a part of a task scheduler, the task can run based on which of the following triggers?
47. Which of the following can be used for a process to get more CPU time?
48. Automatic updates cannot be disabled in Windows 10 Professional edition
49. Which of the following file is used with virtualization systems such as VMware and Hyper-V?
50. Which online storage solution is provided by Microsoft as part of Windows 10?


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