CCNP ENCOR Final Exam 2

1. What does this EEM script do?
event manager applet interface_Shutdown
event syslog pattern "Interface FastEthernet1/0, changed state to administratively down"
action 1.0 cli command "enable"
action 1.5 cli command "config t"
action 2.0 cli command "interface fa1/0"
action 2.5 cli command "no shutdown"
action 3.0 cli command "end"
action 3.5 cli command "who"
action 4.0 mail server "" to "" from "" subject ".ISP1_Interface_fa1/0_SHUT." body "Current users $_cli_result"
2. Which orchestration tool is being described in this illustration ?

3. Which of these orchestration tool is considered an agentless tool?
4. It is used by Ansible to deploy configuration changes or retrieve information from hosts  within a network?
5. Which of the following are Python functions? (Choose 2)
6. _______________  APIs are often used to communicate from a network controller to its management software. For example, Cisco DNA Center has a software graphical user interface (GUI) that is used to manage the network controller.
7. What data format is represented by the illustration below?

8. What data format is represented by the illustration below?


9. When authenticating to a device via Postman, you will receive this response. What does this response represent?


10. It refers to a type of hypervisor that runs directly on the system hardware.
11. Only a single vSwitch is supported within a virtualized server. (True or False)
12. Which extended ACL entry allows any network in the 172.16.x.x network with a /24 to /32 prefix length?
13. What occurs to a packet when an ACL is applied to an interface but the packet does not match any of the entries in the ACL?
14. What does the following ACL entry accomplish when applied to an interface: 20 permit tcp host eq 23?
15. What routes match the following prefix list: ip prefix-list ENCOR seq 35 deny ge 24 le 28?
16. Which command successfully configures a user-defined method list on a Cisco IOS device that uses the database on the device if the external server is not available for authentication?
17. Your Cisco router is configured with the following command:
aaa authentication login default group radius local
What will occur during login if the local database does not contain any username and password when it is checked?
18. Which of the following commands would you use to verify the number of packets that have conformed to a specific class map that you are using for CoPP?
19. Your router is configured as follows:
R1# show run | i aaa|usernameaaa new-model
username ENCOR password 0 EXAM
R1# show run | s vtyline vty 0 4
 password cisco
 transport input all
Based on the configuration, what will occur when someone uses Telnet to reach the router?
20. Which command enables you to specify that SSH access will be authenticated using the local database?
21. Enabling IPsec tunnel encryption involves the configuration of the IKEv2 profile and its association to a tunnel interface. (True or False)
22. The IKEv2 keyring functionality allows for the pre-shared key to be set on a neighbor-by-neighbor basis. (True or False)
23. Which command enables IPsec encryption on an tunnel interface?
24. Which IPsec security mechanism ensures that if a hacker gains access to a session key, that person cannot maintain access to that session indefinitely?
25. Which IPsec security mechanism ensures that if a hacker gains access to a session key, that person cannot maintain access to that session indefinitely?
26. What does VRF allow you to do?
27. How are customer routes isolated on PE routers in an MPLS Layer 3 VPN?
28. Which of the following are methods that can be used to solve routing issues caused by multipoint redistribution? (Choose all that apply.)
29. Which option is mandatory when redistributing OSPF routes into EIGRP?
30. Which option is mandatory when redistributing classless networks into OSPF?
31. R1 learns the prefix from EIGRP. EIGRP is redistributed into OSPF on R1. R1 has an OSPF adjacency with R2. R2 redistributes OSPF into BGP. R2 advertises all BGP network prefixes to R3. Does R3 receive the prefix?
32. Policy-based routing will modify a router’s routing table. (True or False)
33. Which of the following are reasons a BGP neighbor relationship might not form? (Choose two.)
34. BGP summarization provides a mechanism for load balancing traffic between service providers. (True or False)
35. A BGP router advertises every path for a prefix so that every neighbor can build its own topology table. (True or False)
36. If two different routers are redistributing the same network (such as as an OSPF external Type 2 route, and they have the same metric, both paths are installed on a downstream router. (True or False)
37. When a Type 3 LSA is received on a nonbackbone area, what does the ABR do?
38. Which one of the following is used as the authentication method when 802.1x is used on a WLAN?
39. A Cisco WLC is configured for 802.1x authentication, using an external RADIUS server. The controller takes on which one of the following roles?
40. Suppose an enterprise offers a wireless network that guests can use but only after they read and accept an acceptable use policy document. Which one of the following methods can inherently handle this process?
41. A network consists of four controllers: A, B, C, and D. Mobility group 1 consists of controllers A and B, while mobility group 2 consists of controllers C and D. Which one of the following answers describes what happens when a client tries to roam between controllers B and C?
42. Which of the following is used to cache authentication key information to make roaming more efficient?
43. Which of the following is not a QoS implementation model?
44. Which of the following are the recommended congestion management mechanisms for modern rich-media networks? (Choose two.)
45. Which traffic conditioning tool can be used to drop or mark down traffic that goes beyond a desired traffic rate?
46. Which of the following are the leading causes of quality of service issues?(Choose all that apply.)
47. NTP uses the concept of ________ to calculate the accuracy of the time source.
48. In a resilient network topology, first-hop redundancy protocols (FHRP) overcome the limitations of which of the following? (Choose two.)
49. A router connects multiple private networks in the network range to the Internet. A user’s IP address of is considered the __________ IP address.
50. What does a host need to do to start receiving multicast traffic?


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