CCNA R&S2(book)

1. Which of the following statements are true about the presentation layer in the OSI model?

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2. What are the sublayers of the Data Link layer in the OSI model?

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3. What CDP debug command produces this output?



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4. What is the destination MAC address of an ARP Request packet?

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5. When connecting to a Cisco device over the console port, what is the "bits per second" value that you need to set up in your terminal application?

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6. What command shows a brief summary of all interfaces?

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7. You execute the traceroute command and see the below output. How many hops away is the IP address to which the traceroute command was executed?



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8. You are shown this output. How many usable VLANs are there?



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9. Which statements about access ports are true?

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10. What is the size of the 802.1q tag?

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11. When will a trunk not be formed?

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12. You see this log on a switch. What command was issued on SWITCH-2?


*Mar 29 10:04:55.564: %CDP-4-NATIVE_VLAN_MISMATCH: Native VLAN mismatch discovered on GigabitEthernet1/0/2 (1), with SWITCH-2 GigabitEthernet1/0/2 (100).

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13. Which of the following are the main methods to create interVLAN routing?

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14. What is the correct configuration on the router for inter VLAN routing?



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15. Which of the following are the steps to configure a subinterface on a router for inter VLAN routing?

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16. What command returns this output?



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17. Which of the following are some advantages of VTP version 3 over VTP version 1 or version 2?

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18. Which switch relays VTP messages in this diagram?



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19. In which subnet is host

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20. What is the best summary route for the following routes:,,,

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21. What alternative IPv6 representations of 3FFF:1234:0000:0000:020C:0000:FEA7:F3A0 IPv6 address are valid?

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22. What is the prefix assigned to the link-local IPv6 addresses?

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23. A PC has the following MAC address: 00.11.AA.BB.CC.DD. What is the EUI-64 address generated for this MAC?

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24. What is the ISATAP identifier?

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25. Which of the following are some of the Neighbor Discovery Protocol features?

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26. Traffic destined to reaches the router, and the router has the following subnets in the routing table:,,, and Which route will be used to forward the traffic?

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27. What is the Administrative Distance of External EIGRP?

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28. Which of the following statements about OSPF operation are true?

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29. Which of the following are OSPF router types?

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30. Which of the following is not a state through which a DHCP client goes during IP assignment?

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31. What command needs to be applied under a router interface whose IP address should be assigned through DHCP?

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32. Which of the following are some of the steps involved in configuring DHCP server functionality on Cisco IOS?

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33. Considering the diagram below, what needs to be configured and on which routers so that the client can be assigned an IP address through DHCP?



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34. Which of the following ACL commands will allow EIGRP traffic?

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35. Which of the following are some of the most common NAT configuration errors?

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36. You see the below output. What is the type of NAT configured?




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37. Based on the below output, which statements are true?



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38. How long does it take for a port to transition from Learning state to Forwarding state based on the below output?



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39. Considering the below output, what will be the SWITCH-2 priority after the command "spanning-tree vlan 100 root primary" is configured on SWITCH-2?



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40. Based on the below diagram, what port will be in blocking state?



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41. Based on the below diagram, which port will have the role of a root port?



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42. What port role is defined by this phrase: "This elected port forwards data in the active topology"?

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43. You see the below output. Which statements are true?



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44. Which OSPF state is described by "OSPF routers send LSR packets to request more recent instances of LSAs that have not been received during the Exchange state. The updates sent are placed in a link state retransmission link until acknowledgments are received. When OSPF routers receive LSRs, they respond with an LSU (link state update) containing the required information"?

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45. Which LSA type provides information about destinations outside the local area?

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46. You have the below output for route in the EIGRP topology table. To what value should the variance be set so that both next-hops will appear in the main routing table?



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47. Which FHRP allows you to use a physical IP address as a virtual IP address?

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48. Which of the following are advanced security features that SNMPv3 provides but SNMPv2c or SNMPv1 does not?

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49. Which of the following are the components of PPP?

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50. Which bit is marked on frames that have a lower importance than other frames?

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