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Exam code: SY0-401

1. Which IPS/IDS detection technology works by detecting malicious traffic that have previously known attack patterns?

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2. An organization that wants to send trade secrets to its branch in another country needs to ensure that such information does not fall into the wrong hands. What goal of security is the organization concerned about?

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3. Looking at the diagram below, the web server should be accessible to users on the Internet. What is the best NAT option to allow this kind of configuration?


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4. You have been called in to investigate issues with DNS on a network. You decided to capture packets with a protocol analyser for further investigation. Due to the size of the packet capture, you decide to filter it down to just DNS packets. What protocol(s)/port(s) should you use for your filter assuming the default is being used?

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5. Looking at the diagram below showing the different components of 802.1X, which of the following terms describes the role of the RADIUS server in 802.1X?


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6. In 802.1X, EAP packets are encapsulated over IEEE 802 i.e. EAP over LAN. What does EAP stand for?

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7. Which of the following are true about private clouds? Select two.

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8. Looking at the diagram below, what port needs to be open on the firewall to allow outside users access the web server via HTTP and HTTPS? Assume default ports. Select two answers.


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9. At what layer of the OSI model does NetBIOS operate?

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10. Omnidirectional antennas propagate and receive signals in and from all directions i.e. 360 degrees. The Yagi antenna is an example of an omnidirectional antenna. True or False?

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11. When a normal packet passes through an Intrusion Prevention System and the IPS generates an alarm, what is this called?

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12. Which security concept is enforced when a user is only given access to tools and resources necessary for the user to perform her job duties?

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13. Your company is planning to build a new office in a new state. The building's estimated cost is $1,000,000 and you have identified this building as an asset of the company. You have identified that there is the possibility of hurricanes occurring once in 10 years in the area where the building will be located and if a hurricane hits, 85% of the building will be affected. What is the Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE) of the building?

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14. A security document that details the technical and security requirements of sharing data or integrating systems between two entities is called a/an?

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15. A firewall is an example of what type of access control?

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16. Hashing is a security feature to protect which goal of security?

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17. Electrical fires are classed under what category of fires?

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18. What RAID level is illustrated in the diagram shown below?


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19. A type of malware that disguises itself as a legitimate program but is in fact malicious is known as a?

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20. Sam is the CEO of an organization that deals with trading diamonds. Early one morning, he receives an email from one of their suppliers addressed to him and informing him of an outstanding payment for a shipment that Sam thought he had already paid. The email includes a link for Sam to log into the supplier’s portal. Fearing the email may be malicious, Sam gets on the phone with the supplier who tells him they didn’t send any email and that his shipment is already on its way. What kind of email attack did Sam almost fall for?

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21. An attack that takes advantage of the typing mistakes made by people trying to access legitimate sites is known as what?

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22. John is conducting a penetration test for an organization. Instead of attempting to brute force the password for a user, he decides to use social engineering. He calls one of the help desk staff, claims to be the CEO, and asks that the password for his account be reset as he has forgotten it. The helpdesk personnel not willing to risk his job does not probe John further and goes ahead with the request. In this example, what social engineering principle did John exploit?

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23. A Smurf attack targets which principle of security?

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24. What attack is depicted in the diagram below?


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25. A CCTV system with cameras installed in different parts of a company’s premises is what type of access control? Choose the best answer.

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26. Instead of entering a correct username and password in the form below, an attacker enters the following code: ' OR '1'='1' --  What kind of attack is this?


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27. In what approach to penetration testing does the tester begin without any inside knowledge of the network being tested?

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28. The diagram below shows a replay attack. Which of the following can be used to defeat such an attack?


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29. Which of the following is/are true about SQL and NoSQL databases? Select all that apply.

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30. Server-side validation is more secure than Client-side validation. True or False?

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31. What of the following options are true about whitelisting and blacklisting of applications? Choose two.

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32. The ability to expand or reduce the capacity of virtualized systems and cloud computing systems as the need arises is known as?

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33. With regard to hardware based encryption, what does TPM stand for?

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34. Which virtualization concept allows you to restore the state of your virtual machine to a previous saved state?

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35. IPsec VPN can provide protection for what kind of data?

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36. Which of the following is NOT true about the RADIUS protocol?

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37. What default port does LDAP uses?

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38. Arrange the following OSI model layers in descending order (highest to lowest).


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39. What is the moving factor in the HMAC-based One Time Password (HOTP) algorithm?

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40. Iris scan is an example of what form of authentication?

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41. What access control method grants permissions to users based on their job functions within an organization?

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42. What does AAA stand for?

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43. The three players involved in a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) exchange are?

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44. In the diagram below, Alice wants to send a message to Bob but is concerned about the message getting into the wrong hands. How can they use asymmetric cryptography to ensure the confidentiality of the message?


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45. Which of the following is NOT a block cipher?

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46. Which of the following are true about MD5? Choose two.

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47. Ephemeral keys remain unchanged between different sessions by two entities. True or False?

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48. Choose two correct answers from the options below about Diffie-Hellman.

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49. In the diagram below, the user is trying to open a remote SSH connection to the router. What is the default SSH port?


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50. Which of the following is NOT a status value that can be returned by an OCSP responder?

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