Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

1. You are Network Administrator in company named "How to Network". Your company has one Primary Domain Controller named DC. You want to install an Additional Domain Controller. So after installing Domain Services in ADC, which of the following deployment operation you would select to make server as an Additional Domain Controller?



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2. You are Network Administrator in company named "How to Network". Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 is installed. You want to create two Virtual Machines in Hyper-V for testing purpose. Your requirement is to completely isolate the two VMs from all production servers. You also need to ensure that the two Virtual Machines can communicate with each other.  Which of the following Virtual switch type you will create in order to meet your requirements?

Virtual Switch 

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3. You are network Administrator in company named "How to Network". Figure shows DNS hierarchy of "How to Network" domain infrastructure. Match the columns with appropriate answers that best describe each level of the DNS hierarchy name space.

Root Domain
Top Level Domain
Second Level Domain
Sub Domain

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4. You are Network Administrator in company named “How to Network”. You have a server named HV-1 that runs Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V role installed . You create a new Virtual Machine in HV-1 server named VM1. Now you need to make sure that you can configure a pass-through disk of Disk 1 for the server VM1. For this purpose, what should you do?


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5. You are Network Administrator in company named “How to Network”.  There is Primary Domain Controller named DC-1 configured on Windows Server 2003. You need to migrate the domain controller from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012. For this purpose you install windows server 2012 in DC-2 server and start configuring the server as Additional Domain Controller. When selecting forest function level as in figure, which of the following option you will select to support Windows Server 2003 domain controller?


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6. In the Group Policy Management Console, there's a new tab called Status as shown in figure. What does this status tab show?GPO 

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7. You are network administrator in company named “How to Network”. You recently installed and configured Windows Server 2012 domain controller as DC1. DC1 hosts a primary DNS zone. You later on joined a server named Exch as member server with DC1 domain and configured to use DC1 as primary DNS server. But when you run Nslookup.exe in command prompt, you get DNS request timed out error as shown in the Figure. You need to rectify the error. What will you do?


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8. You installed a Virtual Machine named VM1 in Hyper-V Server. You need to improve the performance and manageability of VM within Hyper-V virtualization. For this purpose you need to verify that all services i.e. Heartbeat, Data exchange, Time Synchronization, Operating System Shutdown and Backup are selected. You go to the settings of the VM1. In the management list which option you will select to view and select all the services?


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9. You are an administrator in company named “How to Network”. Your Help Desk calls regarding passwords change are increasing day by day. You want to give password reset permissions to help desk admin. For this purpose you right click on domain in Active Directory as shown in figure and select which of the following option to achieve this goal?


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10. You are network administrator in company named "How to Network". You get complaints from Help Desk that john Doe user logs in to others computer and copy confidential data. You want to restrict John Doe to his own computer and and want to make sure he cannot log in to other computers. For this purpose which of the following option you will select in order to bind him to his computer only?


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11. Which of the following are profiles under Windows Server 2012 Firewall?

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12. How much RAM does Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition support?

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13. You need to create new Active Directory user accounts using command line tool. Which two command line tools can be used for this purpose?

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14. You need to convert Windows Server 2012 core installation to full Graphical User Interface option. Which PowerShell cmdlet would you used?

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15. Which of the following is not a state for a policy settings in Windows Server 2012?

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16. Which of the following role of Windows Server 2012 enables your server to act as a DHCP Relay Agent?

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17. Group Policy allows you to associate one or more scripting files to which of the following four triggered events?

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18. Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 introduces a new version of the VHD format called VHDX which support storage capacity of up to how many TB?

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19. What is the standard tool for managing Group Policy?

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20. With which type of Hyper-V migration, you can move running VMs from one Hyper-V physical host to another without any disruption of service or perceived downtime?

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21. In which type of Hyper-V migration

1.  The VM is put in “Saved” state
2.  It is then taken by another host
3.  In the last it is reset

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22. When you are logged on to your computer without administrative credentials, you can use _______________ to accomplish tasks that require a higher level of privilege than a standard user account.

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23. Which of the following group supports directory replication functions and is used by the File Replication service on domain controllers in the domain?

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24. Belonging to a local group gives a user the rights and abilities to perform various tasks on the:

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25. In which group type members can back up and restore files on a computer, regardless of any permissions that protect those files.

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26. Match the PowerShell versions that was delivered with the default Windows Server versions:
PowerShell 1.0
PowerShell 4.0
PowerShell 2.0
PowerShell 3.0
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2

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27. Leases are retained in the DHCP server database approximately for how many day(s) after expiration.

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28. When a client that previously leased an IP address restarts, it broadcasts a ________________message instead of a DHCPDiscover message.

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29. What are the two DHCP failover modes available to use when you create a DHCP failover relationship?

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30. Which of the following mode is the default mode of DHCP failover deployment.

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31. If you have more than one domain in your forest and you have a significant user population in a site, you can optimize the speed and efficiency of domain logons and directory searches by adding a which server to the site.

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32. Which of the following tool you can use to create installation media for additional domain controllers that you are creating in a domain?

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33. Management of a Windows Server 2012 Print Server is done using the:

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34. Users and administrators can use the to find directory information, regardless of which domain in the directory actually contains the data.

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35. In every forest, there are at least operations master (FSMO) roles that are assigned to one or more domain controllers.

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36. Which of the following is not Active Directory operations master role?

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37. As Network Administrator in company named "How to Network",  You get instruction from your manager that you need  to deploy a new Domain Controller in a remote site, but your NTDS.dit file is over 10 Gigabytes of size, and your WAN is very slow?  To solve this issue, you can always deployed the additional Domain Controller using which of the following method?

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38. adprep /forestprep Prepares a Windows forest or domain for installation of Windows Domain Controllers. To successfully run the command, you must be a member of  which of the following groups? (Choose 3)

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39. Which of the following command displays properties of computers, contacts, groups, organizational units, users, sites, subnets, and servers registered in Active Directory?

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40. Which of the following command modifies properties of computers, contacts, groups, organizational units, users and servers that exist in Active Directory?

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41. Which of the following two Operations master roles are the pre-forest roles?

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42. Which of the following FSMO role processes password changes from client computers and replicates these updates to all domain controllers throughout the domain?

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43. Which of the following can be used to administer the replication of directory data among all sites in an Active Directory?

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44. Which of the following command removes objects from Active Directory?

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45. What of the following is the correct term used for a DNS client?

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46. You are Network Administrator in company named "How to Network" Manager of the company told you to demote a domain controller. Which of the following PowerShell cmdlet would you use to demote a domain controller?

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47. Which of the following type of DNS query requires the DNS server receiving the request to take full responsibility for resolving the name?

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48. Which of the following four components are involved with printing under Windows Server 2012?

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49. Which of the following cmdlet is used to search for all inactive computer accounts in AD?

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50. Which of the following PowerShell command would you use to join a computer to a domain?

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