1. What is the primary purpose of vulnerability scanning in vulnerability management?
2. Which of the following is a step in vulnerability management?
3. What does CVE stand for in the context of cybersecurity?
4. Which of the following best describes data sovereignty?
5. What is the primary concern of data locality in cloud computing?
6. Which standard focuses on payment card data security?
7. What is the role of a bastion host in securing cloud access?
8. Which authentication model uses tokens to grant access?
9. What does MFA stand for in identity and access management?
10. Which access control model uses roles to define access permissions?
11. What is the principle of least privilege?
12. Which security measure encrypts data in transit?
13. What is the purpose of a web application firewall (WAF)?
14. In a DDoS protection scenario, what does DDoS stand for?
15. What is a common sign of vulnerability exploitation in a cloud environment?
16. Which attack type involves tricking users into revealing confidential information?
17. What is the primary function of version management in source control?
18. What is a pull request in source control?
19. What is continuous integration in CI/CD pipelines?
20. Which tool is commonly used for configuration management in DevOps?
21. What is the purpose of a content delivery network (CDN)?
22. What is the role of an application load balancer?
23. What is a primary benefit of using tiered storage?
24. What type of storage is designed for long-term data archiving?
25. What is a key advantage of solid-state drives (SSD) over hard disk drives (HDD)?
26. What does infrastructure as code (IaC) enable in cloud resource management?
27. What is the purpose of drift detection in IaC?
28. What is the primary goal of a blue-green deployment strategy?
29. What is the primary benefit of a hybrid cloud model?
30. What is the function of an endpoint protection system in cloud security?
31. What is the primary purpose of data loss prevention (DLP) tools?
32. What is the role of a network access control list (ACL)?
33. Which protocol is used for secure remote access to cloud resources?
34. What is the purpose of using multifactor authentication (MFA)?
35. What is the primary function of an intrusion detection system (IDS)?
36. What is the main advantage of using container orchestration tools like Kubernetes?
37. How does a virtual private network (VPN) enhance cloud security?
38. What is a primary benefit of using object storage in the cloud?
39. What is the purpose of using an API gateway in cloud environments?
40. What does "zero trust" mean in cloud security best practices?
41. What is a common use of a bastion host in cloud environments?
42. How does encryption of data at rest improve security?
43. What is the primary function of a firewall in a cloud network?
44. What is the purpose of using a virtual private cloud (VPC)?
45. What is the benefit of using a content delivery network (CDN)?
46. What is the primary advantage of using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?
47. How does the shared responsibility model apply to cloud security?
48. What is a key characteristic of a cold site in disaster recovery planning?
49. What is the role of a data retention policy in compliance?
50. How does cloud bursting help manage resource availability?